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The Weadon Boys Share ‘High and Low’. “Indicative of the young at heart”.

Tim Corcoran and Mark Obitz make up this dynamic duo in THE WEADON BOYS. The band with the chops and hearts full of imagination, ‘High And Low’ comes at us with rock-ness that’s indicative of the young at heart, but decisively mature and wise.

“High and Low is about access to power through altered states of consciousness. It comes from my direct experience that the material world of our five senses is not the sum total of our reality. There are deeper, mystical, more basic forces at play in our lives. These forces are spiritual and magical. High and Low acquaints us with these forces, using the spells cast by music, harmony and rhythm to push us on a journey to new ways of perceiving.

The fun part about the song is that it plays off of the literary work of Carlos Castaneda, a late sixties cultural icon and anthropologist, who, according to the band “presented the magical, and sometimes bizarre, world of authentic Mexican shamanism.”

“From Castaneda we learn that spirituality can be earthy, fun, hilarious and very human. We also learn that there is a role for responsible use of artificial means of altering our consciousness and perception, through substances, sexuality, humor, etc. But, ultimately, the message of High and Low is that these methods are only used in the beginning of our path, to break the spells of conformity and societal norms that have us in their clutches. Once these spells our broken, and our perceptions are shifted, we can simply “sit here and know … right in the middle, man”.

Quite a show, ain’t it?

Even if you’re not into what Castaneda’s puttin’ down, you sure can dig what Tim and Mark has crafted in ‘High And Low’.

Also, dig the music video.



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