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The Wirelight Shares ‘Tucson, Like It Or Not’. “Answers From Within.”

THE WIRELIGHT is a solo project of Lewis Beard. And in his single ‘Tucson, Like It Or Not’, his melodic format for heaven-seeking hooks and chorus, delivers you to a place of majestic open spaces – deep within each, our individual souls.

Intended or not, the single is very calming and has a slight ‘Christian-pop’ vibe to the song.

But that is a focus and uniqueness of the single that we like – and dig. For the message of the single is of acceptance and direction in a certain path for truth.

The answers only comes when each of us look within us, first.

From there a root takes hold, into a better and better future of you.

Well, at least that the hypothesis.

Lewis’ vocals are beautiful and very much has an ‘understated-grandeur’ to it. It evokes the kind of feelings you’d want from such a piece of music, and he delivers on this one.

On September 2nd he’s playing at Tabernacle in Atlanta as part of the Local Brews, Local Grooves mini-festival.



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