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The World of Dust – Tarot

Thoughtful and respectful, for the place in time and space Stefan Breuer inhabits. This is his project THE WORLD OF DUST. A canvas for what has and will happen, the Netherlands based musician and collage artist utilizes this outlet to express, examine, enhance, and amplify his fine arts endeavors. Vice versa, the music soothes and helps him work out personal experiences, fatherhood, and struggles of mental health. ‘Tarot’ is the 2nd single from his album ‘Samsara’, in collaboration with Todd Tobias. The single is an Everest sized personal notes, in utter positivity of dealing with depression. Contrasts are about TWOD, and it’s very comforting. Kudos.

Blurred Out – Evergreen

Off of their newest EP ‘Singles’ (available now) comes BLURRED OUT’s single ‘Evergreen’. The witty track comes at the expense of all of us being showered with jangly guitars and electrolyte fresh post-punk effervescence. They just can’t help themselves. The band is built that way. And it’s a good thing, for the sound is very familiar, but has the tint of presenting itself to the ears of the modern decade, which is hungry for such playful sounds. As whimsical as Weezer, the band consisting of Jeff H, Kresimir T, Christopher M, and Ed M, keeps the chill while keeping the edges nice and affectionate. The charm rolls easily from them, like duck to water.

Jetstream – Starlight

JETSTREAM’s single ‘Starlight’ is beautiful. Nostalgic, rock, and re-establishes the best traditions of styles iconically delivered by bands like Springsteen and Bowie, with distinct flavor of Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Van Halen (Hagar days) and Bad English embedded in this single. The classic coming-of-age rock tune feel is endemic and feels just so good in ‘Starlight’. It’s the guiding light for all of us to use, in going back to what matters most in our lives. And this band from Gibraltar, never gives up and never lets go of those sentiments that makes life worth living. Consisting of Nolan Frendo, Stu Whitwell, Justin Pou, Tristan Tonna, and Aaron Ignacio, the 5 piece delivers with poignant melodies and ol’ school rock goodness. “There’s no place like home.” Beautiful stuff and thoroughly graceful rock.

Kin Capa – The American Opera

The frenetic play of his dobro, KIN CAPA (Lee Capa) sings with all of his might in ‘The American Opera’. The single is a shining monument to his talent and foretelling ambitions for his visions. The singer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist from Lookout Mountain, California forges compellingly written pangs of emotions, amplified by the ghostly ambience of his other worldly vocals. In his own way, KIN CAPA brings existential and brooding vibes to his single. Whirling with wisdom, dynamic energies, Kin chants in psychedelic pleasures. Pop-rock meets folk, the New York native brings certainty in an uncertain world. And when stripped down productions reverberate like the eagle’s cry high above the serene mountains, KIN CAPA captivates and rails against the conventional. This title single is something to be listened to, and devoured. His new 5 song EP ‘The American Opera’ is out now.

Langva – Lightsaber

A hit? A hit maker? In LANGVA’s decadent pop-synth indie-rock flavored single, that might be the case. The expansive and downright hooky single, comes to us with lyrics about “insecurities you may experience when you are in a relationship,” as stated by LANGVA. “A pretty sad topic, but the vibe of the song is much more uplifting and energetic.” That’s right, and we agree. The single isn’t a depression-fest, for that’s not what LANGVA is all about. The project is of acceptance and moving forward, and when the analog synths, mix with the funky style of this pop fabulousness, it’s easy to ponder that questions we’d posed at the beginning of this paragraph: “A hit maker? Love maker? Both?” We say both, for sure. This project is the solo work of Eirik Langva Lie from Norway. And we think we all should see what else he’ll deal, in the twenty 19.


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