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The World of Dust // Hated Names // Brooders // Antonio Larosa // Jamie Drake

The World of Dust – Yellow Fangs

The World of Dust is the main outlet by musician and collage artist Stefan Breuer, based in Bilthoven (a small village near Utrecht, The Netherlands). Stefan said: “In celebration of the upcoming tour in Japan (starting this week), I made this new video! It’s a combination of collages and landscape videos I made in Norway & Sweden this summer. The lyrics have been translated to Japanese, so all my new fans there will also know what I am singing about. What is it about? Doubts, insecurities and trust in a relationship. Not fun stuff, but I do hope you find the song with video a pleasant piece of art to dream away with.” A downer single? Nope. On the contrary. It’s a mood for the depressed, with an inkling for the promise of tomorrow. More optimistic than you think. It’s the way to go.

Hated Names – Anthem for the Atheist

Stated HATED NAMES: “This is an anthem for the atheist. It was written with a deep love for humanity and to express that we can learn to accept each other without a need for a myth.” HATED NAMES is a musical project by producer Peter Gilbert. It is based around contemporary themes such as atheism, racial acceptance, digital connections, modern life angst and healthy masculinity. Originally from the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland, Peter grew up in the rural countryside. From a young age and with minor exposure to music, his only influences of music came from his brother who loaded Nirvana and Silverchair onto an MP3 player. With no internet access besides dial-up, Peter would use the microphone on his MP3 player to sample songs from his favourite video games and then warp them in audacity. Effectively, setting his path toward contemporary techniques and classical expression. Lovely musical life; lovely future forward for HATRED NAMES.

Brooders – Mindfield

The single is supported by HELP MUSICIANS UK through their Do It Differently fund and will be the fifth single release of the year from the band with one more remaining to tie up their six-single year. “The song is a struggle between senses and sensibility. It screams to be heard but it’s like a tree falling alone in a forest. ‘Mindfield’ is about thoughts and expression that come with an external perspective. In love and in life, sometimes you are blind to seeing that something is going wrong. It can be a very difficult thing to observe how twisted the world is becoming when you are truly wrapped up in a way of life that is very narrow sighted and seemingly normal. Sometimes you need to step back in order to see that you are becoming the very thing you work so hard not to become. Some say it’s difficult to speak your mind. So, let your mind do the speaking.” Powerful single and absolute entertainment.

Antonio Larosa – On Your Own

“This song was written from the perspective of someone coming clean in their current relationship,” said ANTONIO LAROSA. “One that is fueled by selfish motives of convenience and avoiding feelings of loneliness. During the writing process, I was dealing with a time in my marriage where I was selfishly focusing entirely on my needs and neglecting my partners. This lent some inspiration to the narrative.” The classic rock licks and the country-pop vibes of deliver works so well with Antonio’s clear and decadent vocal expressions. The love flows and the sentiments are as poignant and texturized. The song was recorded in Vancouver BC and produced by Nygel Asselin (Half Moon Run) and mixed by Jeff Dalziel (The Washboard Union).

Jamie Drake – Allison

Off of Jamie Drake’s fabulous debut album, ‘Everything’s Fine’, is ‘Allison’. The artist said: “‘Allison’ is about taking the time you need to find your voice in life. For me (the “ultimate late-bloomer” as one of my friends has coined me) and for you. One of my dreams in life is to set people free to be themselves, because that is why we are here; to be ourselves. I hope that I can encourage others — that no matter what age you are, you can do anything for the joy of it, and perhaps it just might give you more than joy in return.” Classic and poignant, as ever, the next single of dripping ballad of pop in ‘To My Love’, gives away the ghosts of the past, for a newer dawn of time and spacial footprint.


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