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The Yada Yada Yadas Share ‘Human Emotion’. Hook After Hook, It Excites You Off Of Your Lazy-Boy.

With guitars that shimmer with jagged purpose and constant vigil, THE YADA YADA YADAS come back to the fore, with the new single ‘Human Emotion’. As predictable as the rising sun, the single keeps the brilliant uniqueness and innovative sounds of the band tackling forwards and onwards.

“’Human emotion’ is about a future full of brains in jars and living in a black mirror episode, yet it somehow comes back round to being a love song, as all music does,” the fabulously weird band commented. “I also feel like ‘Human Emotion’ is the most 80’s title for a song i could have thought of, and it really adds to the nostalgic feel.”


The British pop thang is live and kickin’ in this new single which throws your senses off with fuzz and slide actions, with chords that deliver the power behind the thrust in the gumption the vocals bring. Just like the cold winter’s weather, the single thoughtfully scrimps and bends the norm in indie-rock, blending Weezer, Dinosaur Jr, Blur, and the like, to effective and fascinating culmination.

This kind of music should excite you.

This kind of music should get you up off of your Lazy-Boy.

As a nod to current states of pop-culture, THE YADA YADA YADAS make it surreal with oddities that compel, the most hardened soldiers of music.

Hook after hook, you get down with the aesthetics.

We all do.



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