THÉA ‘I Lied’ : Heartfelt and unique ballad.


Théa Illel is the heart of the project THÉA. The accomplished artist and musician, puts it all together in all of her songs, with pop and indie-pop attentions, combining weaknesses of human frailties, dangling at the edges for full effect. The melancholy of the rhythm, the dull tone and the slow transitions of THÉA’s new single gives way to a dark, heartfelt and unique ballad.

Between her mom’s Gospel and her dad’s love for jazz, franco american singer songwriter, THÉA developed a passion for soul. At an early age, she entered a music program to remedy her shy nature. There she learned to play several instruments (guitar, piano and drums) and was encouraged to compose music of her own.

The talented visage of emotions and altitudes, rush to the fore, to greet you in the charm of it all.


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