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THÉA ‘Times of My Life (Full Band)’ : Golden attitudes and whimsical lyrical pairing.

Let’s see where she can take us, next.


A Franco-American singer/songwriter living in London, THÉA, clutches close and deeply inside the brooding vibes of pop, soul, and artful indie rock. And in ‘Times of My Life’ – a nostalgic throwback to the simpler times – the walk down memory lane, delivers with beautiful wistfulness and candor that you’d expect from such an offering.

At the age of 15, she released her song ‘Drink’. And from that publishing, the delightful manifestation of golden attitudes and whimsical lyrical pairing, consumed the ever-being of THÉA and her work.

She moved to London in 2017 to dive head deep into the world of songwriting and of the craft. In 2018, she’d formed her band THÉA FULL BAND.

THÉA’s got something that isn’t quite easily describable. The amenities of supple assuredness, and story telling that is pure and simple, makes listening all the same. A revival of a style that is pop but not pop, dictates a supple shoegaze angle that just soothes with minimal effort and angst.

Charming source of music indeed.

Let’s see where she can take us, next.


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