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Thea & The Wild – Paved The Way

Thea & The Wild’s Paved The Way comes from Thea’s 2017 string of new songs. This is the latest and it is engaging, and ‘authoritarian’ – in that, her normal tone of ‘I gotta do my own thang. I gotta do what I gotta do.’ is amped up. But in this case with a ‘soft’ tone.

Weird huh?

Yes. It’s a weird assessment. But true?

We think it’s a great contrast. Strong, but soft. Pop, but rock-pop. Folksy- a bit. Salty, but not too sweet.

Her transformation from ‘pop-ish-pop’ to the now awesome ‘indie-pop-get-out-of-my-way’ ensemble is what we love about Thea.

And that journey continues successfully with ‘Paved The Way’.

It’s like that M&M with the almond nut inside. First of all, M&M Almond, in individual, regular size (lots of “sharing” large size is more prevalent, though). Second, the chocolate surrounding the almond, gives that contrast that just cannot be denied.

Thirdly, it’s good. Really good. Like (if hungry enough) eat ‘whole bag’ kind of good (and is the blue color candy taste different, and better? FYI. No difference).

Anywho, peanut M&M’s just don’t carry the texture that the almond M&M brings to the table. Shaped differently, crunches differently, the nut bits roll in the mouth differently – it just brings a different ‘heft’ to the party.

That’s what Thea, to us, is. She’s profoundly talented. She brings the ‘crackling’ to the pop side of her work. She brings that ‘oomph’ and ‘weight’ that her audience and fans love.

And she is that blue almond M&M. The Queen of the hive, and distinctly unique.

Tasty body of work.

Tasty fun, to the brim.

Nordic sensibility to the PoP game- times 10.

What we’re saying in this little tangent, is that we dig it… lots! We’d been a fan since featuring one of her works in our Instagram account several months ago, for sure.

We’re big fans, of the song, and of course, Thea.

Go, go!

Oh, and she’s rep’ed by, non other than Propeller Records, based in Oslo.

Her album ‘



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