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Themorethanevers // SAER // Keir Craxton // Emily Rowed // Gold 88

Themorethanevers – Simple Things

Wayne Brown is THEMORETHANEVERS. A pop/electronica experimental vision. ‘Simple Thing’ according to Wayne is: “an ambient beat accompanied by vocal samples that tells a story of remembering what made you fall in love through the simple things.” That’s right. The simple things matter most in this world, at least with what’s to do with true love and affection. Unshakable love are sewn into place by the smallest and the most seemingly, fragile of thoughts and memories. The world stops, as you think about his embracing smile. The world means nothing without her stopping to brush off your eyelash from your cheek. ‘Simple Things’ conjures up emotions with a sliver of questions and possibilities, through samples, loops, and dubstep anxieties. Life is something to look forward to.

SAER – Break

SAER (Simon Davies) is multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, who utilizes his broad strokes of colors to paint his brand of soundscapes, with heartfelt expressions in joy, sadness, and incumbent desire to inspiration. “Music can act as a time-stamp in life, the possibility of creating something that helps people through troubleor remember a joyful moment really inspires me.” Contemporary and modern, wistful and conjointly bold, SAER’s drive for sonic swaths in discovery, continues with ‘Break’ (follow up to his debut single ‘Shadows’) and it shines with the frost of the morning steppes of winters within our souls, and of the glancing shivers for our purposeful rush in life. SAER dances in darkness, as he turns his music into a nuanced light for our journeys.

Keir Craxton – Crystals

Off of the upcoming May 10th EP ‘Essence’, KEIR CRAXTON, offers a smooth and silky track called ‘Crystals’. And within it, and its al-pop translucence it shimmers with decadence, as the chants of the Universe glance and balance on our senses. The upbeat examples of synth and chill-dynamics wither the negativities and boost the indulgence of our positive modes. Addition of sound elements with hypnotic relevance keeps this single at a spiritual level for all to enjoy.

Emily Rowed – Watercolors

From the newest album ‘APRIL’, Emily Rowed exacerbates our admiration further with a squelcher of a single called ‘Watercolors’. The slow banger comes with all of the amenities that you’d expect, with even more glamour that we’d come know from Emily. And this single continues her quest through Emily’s own chapters of love and story. The tracks (‘Pinball’ & ‘Hey Love, prior) combine to live from the memories of the year’s travel she conducted. Love, travel, unexpected emotions, writing for her sophomore album – all sweeps through her vibes that she paints in full. Emily added: “’Watercolors’ is about an effortless, flowing love that came out of nowhere,” says Rowed. “It was hypnotic – everything turned into sweet purples and vintage film.”

Gold 88 – Hold Me Tight (Making Love)

GOLD 88 is made up of Danny, Luke and Niall. The house production outfit comes alive again in this single ‘Hold Me Tight (Making Love)’. Though most of the time in the electronica and EDM genre, within this single, there is a tinge of pop that is more than usual, and it’s fair that, that fact is highlighted here. Dance and singing is amplified by the glorious vocals of Kate Aster and the song shimmers like it should, but just can be a pop delight as well. The Northern Ireland based artists makes it right and dandy with this. Bigger than life is what they paint, and with this latest single, they keep the flow going.


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