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Theo Bard Shares ‘Forget’. “Darkest after the fall. Hold on for a little longer.”

London based singer/songwriter and producer THEO BARD paints oddly attractive and ultimately poignant works of art in his outputs. ‘Forget’ is his latest triumph as his co-mingling of existential stresses bathe in a soup of knowledge that is known but never fully catered into a heart’s betrayal.

A confusion of domino effects, cascade, none-the-less, exploding in a mass of darkness and ethereal black and blue of the heart.

Theo elaborated: “There’s this darkness in the track so we shot performance takes with just one light in a pitch dark room. May rotoscoped from the footage in order to create handmade images of my face, which she could play with and distort.We wanted to capture the idea that the more you try to forget something, the more you think or talk about it, the longer it stays in your memory. So every time I open my mouth, the same head emerges unchanged. That’s the memory coming back over and over again, like a ghost that won’t stop haunting you.”

‘Forget’ is a small step for a personal gallop into that exact ‘knonwn’. Maybe with an ephemeral notion that accepting this loss, will catastrophically make you ‘move on’.

Too early to move on? A struggle, we can relate to.



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