Theo & Brenna ‘Let Us Breathe Again’ : Modern folk interpretation, that lovingly exudes in full embrace.

Theo & Brenna / Photo: Lauren Crownover

Wash away the pains of everyday angsts. A stigma to which we settle to a routine. A routine of under-satisfaction, and guilt ridden revelry. Where will this train of desperation end? When will this irradiation of heart, finally come to fruition?

Theo & Brenna’s ‘Let Us Breathe Again’ is brought to you by the beauty and pure-heart, of an impending rescue. A theory of consistent longing and anthemic support for the good for all.

The brother sister team of Theo and Brenna MacMillan originates from Winchester Kentucky. And with great humbleness and ambition towards the world, they help us understand a little bit more of what we might have been missing.

The beautiful vocals and musicianship, delight with ol’ world folk and bluegrass visions, by their sides.

‘Let Us Breathe Again’ is a modern folk interpretation, that lovingly exudes in full embrace.


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