Theo Sayers ‘Impatient’ : Deliciousness of sights and sounds. Permeate the world where it is played and absorbed.

Theo Sayers

Off of ‘Ado Perma’ comes fab artist, Theo Sayers’ latest single and video for ‘Impatient’.

Theo’s special. No. Not in that way. But yes, in that musical decadence, kind of way. From experimental pop bop, to unadulterated Bowie-like shimmer, Theo kicks every song into gear, like you hadn’t driven a supercar before. ‘Impatient’ is Theo’s grace. It’s the way Theo works. It’s an emblem of the deliciousness of sights and sounds that permeate the world where it is played and absorbed.

Hot on the heels of ‘My Nose Is A Little Runny (which was awesome), this self-produced song was nspired by an auto-biographical bicycle accident (that’s vividly reimagined in the song’s accompanying video), ‘Impatient’ is Theo at his most playful and dance inducing.

Theo was born and lives in Cambridge, UK. Following the release of the electronic pop singles ‘Venezuela’ (released under Black Tibet) and ‘Goddess’, he gained a strong local reputation in 2018 by hosting Theo Sayers & Friends, one of the city’s leading electronica nights. National exposure followed from presenting Old Dreams For A New Age, a show on London-based radio station Resonance Extra. Sayers has also produced remixes for KNIGHT$, Explorers Society and Blue Alatar.


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