They/Live ‘Circles’ : Growing up into a bad-bad world, conquering with music and her imminent tenderness.


Gorgeous in detail. Primal in desire. They/Live brings ‘Circles’, a song of animal lusts and retrospective emotions, beautifully crafted in this 80’s montage in indie pop. ‘Circles’ is the pop gem.

They/Live is the project of Whitney Mower, a Utah-born musician and writer based in Los Angeles. Whitney left the Mormon church at 18 and moved to Texas so she could freely pursue life as an artist and find an identity outside the blatant patriarchy under which she was raised.

From the upcoming full-length ‘Ablation’, the narrator recites a list of abstract similes—probably in vain—attempting to somehow identify what their lover needs: “Icosahedron, prism or square / Hyacinth or nicotine or a dare? Tell me what your love is like.”

The uncanny power of Whitney’s vocals, just melt your heart away into a never-never land of pastels and omni-visions. Whitney insists in the song: “now is the part when my tears fall in circles around you.”

The beauty of ‘Circles’ is Whitney, profound. The beautiful girl, growing up into a bad-bad world, conquering with music and her imminent tenderness – strikes up conversations of what it’s like to have it all.

They/Live is grand. Whitney Mower is life, as it should.

Follow her and her musical majesty.

Named after the 1988 John Carpenter sci-fi/action film, They/Live pays passionate homage to artists of that era, like Kate Bush and the Cocteau Twins, using ethereal synth lines, intricate drum patterns, and haunting vocal layers to build complex, dystopic scenes. In They/Live’s universe, a vulnerable female character finds power and offers hope despite the ominous landscape of the future, despite the pain of her oppressive past—Mower’s precise soprano voice urges, “Yes I know the pleasure’s not enough… if you let me I’ll lift you out of the darkness.”


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