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They Won’t Win Shares ‘Lost at Sea’. “Salvation is at hand.”

Mike Angelo Rivera

Greg Lanier and Danny M. Cohen are the duo who give life to the project THEY WON’T WIN. The gay folk-rock pop outfit is an acoustic offering, that focuses on singer/songwriter emulsions of current emotions, personal tales, and sultry vibes of misgivings within our world.

In their latest ‘Lost At Sea’, a trip of immense ambiguity of solitude and magnitude starts at the base of unintended journeys. The song is delightfully austere, with a beautiful incantation of passing by trinkets of light, in a hazy rainy night, during a time of personal challenges.

But hope isn’t all lost, even if the heart seems lost in the vastness of the seas. One could say that internal personalities can be a sea where swaths of secrets lay buried. A place where no one can find the essence of it all.

We think THEY WON’T WIN, refuses to agree.

Salvation is at hand. TWW thinks we can.



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