Third Floor ‘Move On feat. Cam Nascon’ : Fabulous dance radiance.

Third Floor

Bittersweet and invigorating, all at the same time, the liberating vibes of this classically sounding modern exclamation, loves you and your fascination for the possibilities. Written as an apology from the “perspective of the woman who ghosted him deep into their romance”, Third Floor finds “closure” through this fabulous single.

Cam Nacson’s passionate vocals bring up the hues upon highlight of the damned and for the lustful. The dancing visions, sparkle like stars as the frame of the song delights every part of your senses.

Fabulous dance radiance.

Third Floor is a British-born, Sydney-based producer whom brings the fire with atmospheric goodness.

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‘Move On’ feat. @camnacsonmuso Out 14/2/2020

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