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‘This Dog Is The King Of The Losers’ By Bee Bee Sea, Is A Testament To All Testaments. Whatever That Means.

What in the heck is this music! Dogs being humiliated and seemingly being utilized as they shouldn’t be. Because dogs are our friends and are cute, and very lovable. But ‘This Dog Is The King Of The Losers’ isn’t about exploitation of the FUR-KIND. In fact, it’s the documentation of a video that was taken in the 7th dimension of the planet ‘Dog-opolis’. A world, and Universe where dogs and humanoids are naturally BUILT as ONE. That isn’t the best of it – for the best is that this kind of music can be made, tasted, understood, and savored.


In ‘Dog-opolis’, the weather is always warm, the ‘beers’ are always chilled, and the music is always RAUCOUS.

That’s how ‘Dog-opolisians’ communicate and celebrate the FUN they want and are having.

Aren’t you jealous, reading this on boring ol’ Earth?

We sure are.

But hurry, you can catch the gang in Bee Bee Sea, on the thing called the Internet.

Then if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see them live someday.

Well. That is if you can devise a space craft that can get to the 7th dimension, bending space and time.

Oh well.

Let’s all try, shall we?

Bee Bee Sea is a Northern Italy based band with their latest sophomore LP having been release last November.

They need to be heard. Just literally.

Bee Bee Sea will tour the US leading up to their performance at this year’s Pickathon. Their first announced show will be at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere on July 20th. More dates to come.




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