Thomas Aren ‘Rose Colored Glasses’ : A deliverance in sight, sound, and gentile aggression, only the most intimate can understand.

Thomas Aren

“It’s about the loss of innocence to forces outside of one’s control. It is a track on my debut EP, ‘The Flood Arrives’.

Thomas Aren is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer based in Brooklyn, NY. His solo work could be described as dream pop or bedroom pop, containing elements of jazz, hip hop, ambient, and neo-soul music.

In a top-shelf tradition of Chet Faker and Father John Misty, a profound production crumbles in dimensions with ‘Rose Colored Glasses’. Cinematic and outrageously cool, the charming single delivers in tinted orientation of emotional salvation, while at the same time stamp, curdles in a vitriolic riot of anthems and personal expectations.

A deliverance in sight, sound, and gentile aggression, only the most intimate can understand. But it roils in fervor, that ‘Rose Colored Glasses’, amplify with glory – never ashamed, and always confident in its admonishment of the damned.


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"The Flood Arrives” is out! It’s undoubtedly the most vulnerable piece I’ve put out, and it took a lot of work. It would really mean the world to me if you listened to it from start to finish, as it’s intended as a full project. I wrote, recorded, played all the instruments, and produced this project (with the exception of “Talk About”, which @brond.james co-produced with me). Thank you to everyone who supported me along the way with this one, especially @tink_musik (an amazing friend and musician who gave great mixing notes and mastered the whole project), @maxbeckerman and @localdingus (the roommates and homies who have been nothing but supportive from the jump), @brond.james (the multifaceted artist who also made the dope cover art), @nicksarazen (an incredible producer who also gave some great production feedback), and my dude Will Rubenstein who did the “Wanna Know” vídeo and album art. There are def lots others who have supported me, and I appreciate you all immensely. The project is available to stream on all major platforms, and as always, please follow and share and add to playlists. It makes a WORLD of difference for us little independent artists. Seriously, those little clicks that don’t cost you anything can make or break us. It’s the easiest and most effective way to support your musical artist friends. If you really want to show support, please consider buying the album on my BandCamp page. 100% of the proceeds that I receive are going to be donated to causes that support racial justice in the US. Coincidentally, my friend and collaborator, the multitalented emcee/producer/visual artist @louistherapper is also dropping a full length album today, entitled Saturday Night Cartoons. The album is fucking dope! I have the honor of being featured on one of the tracks “Higher Higher” as a guitarist. Make sure you give that whole project some love, and check out all of @louistherapper music. Link in his bio! Sorry for this long ass caption, thank you all so much ❤️🕺❤️🕺❤️ #indie #newmusic #newmusicfriday #dreampop #bedroompop #unsignedartist #producer #ableton #darkpop #independentartist #bigdogs #spotify #brooklynmusic #nycmusic #artist #debut

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