Thomas Ashby ‘Moving On’ : Assumptive charms, play in the foreground of musical dance and heartfelt embrace.

'Moving On'

Contemporary folk and blues confectioner Thomas Ashby, delight with a gentle tug and taunt of the guitar chords and stories he loves to tell.

From raw to the gentile, love comes pouring out from his digits, and onto the plate of life and living.

The richness of his honesty. A valedictorian ardor for the ironic. And his assumptive charms, play in the foreground of musical dance and heartfelt embrace.

A trance of bounds, lovingly gazed into forever existence.

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This new single is the beginning of a larger body of work. It includes songs that have been with me for years, as well as sections and tracks that were written right up to, and even after, the main recording session at Big Jelly Studios last September. The writing for this upcoming single, Moving On, began when I was living and working in London, and continued to develop as I played it through with the band, and refined it on the road around Europe in my van. It’s a song about personal reflection, growth, and a changing of perspective – inspired by a frank conversation with my flat mate at the time. The piano was improvised and recorded when I was alone in the studio one night, and the vocals re-recorded at home after I returned from the States with fresh lyrics. I spent lockdown mainly producing, sometimes until 8am, with the occasional cycle break. Initially I didn’t want to produce this record myself, but now that I’ve had the time to, I’m so proud to have achieved something so close to what I imagined in my head for too long. I can’t wait to share it with you, and I hope it helps you in some way if and when you need it. TWO DAYS TO GO! 📸 by Christina Jansen

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