THOMAS BARRANDON ‘NO HUMAN WILL COME BACK’ : With nuances of images and audible resonance.

Thomas Barrandon

Thomas Barrandon’s touch of everything flourishes through the cinematic occupancies of titans of their art, such as, Carpenter, Spielberg, the drawings of Topor, the soundtracks of Edgar W Froese, Wendy Carlos or Brad Fiedel.

His universe is characterized by the mixture of these passions: cold, nostalgic, melancholic, cosmic and dusty. He decides the route of nostalgia, shuttering un-necessary steps and helping all to remember intimate moments of our lives, near and far.

The inspirations flow, as the graphic designer and musician explore within and without: a constant pang of necessity, only relaxed into satisfaction, with nuances of images and audible resonance.

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