Thomas Howard Memorial ‘The Way’ : Bitter-sweet love amble, that embers as passionately with each heartbeat.

Thomas Howard Memorial

Yann Ollivier, Elouan Jegat, Vincent Roudaut and Thomas Kerbrat makes music that could be interpreted for triumph. But it’s more like the journey that was taken to get to that victory. It’s music that is full of stories of challenges, trepidation, shame, and humble recount of things that made you who you are.

‘The Way’ is part of a large LP collection under the name of ‘Bonaventura’. It is an album of such recounting of hardships and hesitancies of living. It’s a conceptual resurrection piece of songs that, as mentioned prior, always never forgets that there will be a day of winning. But all along the way, there will be even great number of losses.

Love, relationship, personal inner ghosts – tantamount to the relevance of self-awareness, is delightfully highlighted in these songs.

It’s a way of celebration.

‘The Way’ is that cinematic 60’s French bitter-sweet love amble, that embers as passionately with each heartbeat.


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