Thomas LaVine ‘Bridges’ : Human challenges and solutions with gentle slopes of understanding and hope.

Thomas LaVine

Inspiration is what inspiration determines. Our lives feel a bit like there’s no way of controlling such endeavors. Sometimes. The strength to move on and view things in a different light, is the kernel of that ‘inspiration’ that needs to manifest.

In the grand majesty of transitions such as David Gray, Thomas LaVine presents absolute visions of story with palpable conundrums, with human challenges and solutions with gentle slopes of understanding and hope.

Asked about his songs Thomas replied: “At their core, the songs are usually about whatever you think they are. All that matters is what they become to you in the moment. It may have been different for me and it may be different for the next person, but it only really matter what you feel personally.”

Born in Florida and raised in the small town of Blacksburg, SC, Thomas blends the organic textures of his roots with ethereal textures and nuances. He is just as at home as a minimalist as he is in soaring choruses and driven guitars.

Shine and shimmer, are just the first act of this thoughtful and conscious lyricisms. A grand landscape of decadence, salted by the depth of living, Thomas’ relieves our personal sufferings, with soothing and supporting breaths in song.

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June 24

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