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Thomas LaVine // Carley Sunn // THUMPER // The Moonjacks // The Amorous

Thomas LaVine – An Empty Space

Inspiration is what inspiration determines. Our lives feel a bit like there’s no way of controlling such endeavors. Sometimes. The strength to move on and view things in a different light, is the kernel of that ‘inspiration’ that needs to manifest. THOMAS LAVINE’s single ‘An Empty Space’ is that preponderance of evidence, for the hurt heart to start to heal, helping to open up those mind’s eyes – maybe for a better way of the future. Inspiration is what inspiration determines. And off of the newest EP ‘Lacuna’, the South Carolina based electronics artist comes to play, we listen with intent and affection. The delight of Thomas’ work is like a trance induced discussion between your psyche. Making the big effort to realize what you have – had – want. Set on the backdrop of reality, you get to dream a little more with Thomas’ music by your side.

Carley Sunn – Robins and Crows

CARLEY SUNN collects on the sentiments that linger. The ghosts of once carried on emotions, of couples, of men, of women, of atmospheres, and of existence. From a well of experience and humbling outcrops of detrimental self-awareness, the artist grinds out poignant lyrical works like ‘Robins And Crows’ to touch and support the solum. The melancholic single of positivity and the unknown, comes as the first track for a 3 song project. “These songs were inspired by the calm emotions I get from home, and she with whom I make it.” Mixed with the essence of the world, squeezed into that bottle of sanity for a pair of lovers, Carley Sunn, in his own way, celebrates the goodness he has, now and in his heart of hearts – forever.

THUMPER – In My Room

Dublin Ireland based THUMPER. What can we say that cannot be said with us screaming for more. And overwhelming value is what you get with this structured and disciplined rock/punk band from one of the more fresh music scenes in the world. Excitement and stress-shattering rock is what this band delivers, via songs like ‘In My Room’. Sonic wall of smile inducing riffs and hooks gets your heart pumping in this single, as the classic progressions sensually kick your little butt and slaps you into line. Off of their new EP ‘Out of Body Auto-Message’ (drop on May 24th), the band had played along side bands like Squarehead, Fangclub, Raglans, OTHERKIN & Bitch Falcon, to name a few. They’d been dubbed as ones to be at the forefront of Irish rock offerings, and we tend to agree whole-heartedly.

The Moonjacks – Cigarettes

Thumping percussions/drums, crack open the heavens, as the shimmery-dreariness of the guitar and vocals rasterize your whole being to utter cluster of meaningful meaninglessness. Oh the glory. The band stated: “This song was written sometime last month by our guitarist after getting out of a pretty lengthy relationship.” And that same blue heavens, crash down as the reality morphs into something that is unbearable. Inner turmoil, and the infinity of not being together, any longer. “It was recorded as a single in our bedroom as part of an EP over the course of a 4 day period using 2 Microphones, a crappy DAW, and an unholy amount of dabs. We sent it over a few days ago and had it mixed and mastered by our good friend Jerry at Pyramid Recordings.” The co-equal branches of ‘surf/psyche’ and ‘garage-pop’, meld together in this thing called THE MOONJACKS. And just like grilled cheese sandwich, the gooey innards of ‘Cigarettes’ makes it so very tasty.

The Amorous – Glowing

THE AMOROUS’ new single ‘Glowing’ is a pulsing green shimmer of electric melodies, dipped in the knowing of the farthest reaches. The edges of our mind, clash with the desires of our DNA, and the slow burner asymmetric triumph nails down those exact sentiments. James Amoroso is the mind behind THE AMOROUS and the crushing simplicity of the single takes us down a rabbit hole of thoughts and trepidations, with hope held tight in our left hand and a vigor for the new dawn in the right hand. It’s a contemplation piece that is that small sliver of sanity we feel, at the first sight of the morning sun. It is that sliver of sanity when all things make better sense, as you peer across the world, on a mountain top of your choosing. The lyrical direction with ‘Glowing’ makes ‘The Glowing’, a hallowed beginning for hearts adrift, but never given up.


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