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Thomas LaVine Shares ‘Happy (Alternate)’.

Recluse and un-tamed, your rolling feelings for her was stamped to submission, the other day. It wasn’t something that was planned, but it felt like it so. The temptation of what was to be in my feelings towards the idea of her, was set in stone. Now that it couldn’t have been a problem within me, the selection of what was to become tilted and waned.

But that was the crazy side of things: I could not predict what was to become of me, my feelings, my heart.

It’s a sad predicament.

My haunting likeness in the mirror of life, judging me, but unhelpful.

What I can do is to persist, observe…


THOMAS LAVINE combines the ethereal and subjective Universe of inklings to try to say something that we human beings have problems clarifying sometimes. This emotive journey is tastefully presented for our hungry ears.

Can things be a certain way? Can things align the way we like them to be? It’s a perpetual struggle. And we must try to prevail.



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