thomTide ‘flowerField’ : Perpetual knowledge and craft for telling such tales.


thomTide’s perpetual knowledge and craft for telling such tales, is becoming a welcomed habit. ‘florwerField’ is another addition of that exacting beauty and wonderment that the artist with the vibes, so easily expand and suppose.

“Cutting-edge” San Diego creative thomTide is disrupting the norm.

thomTide shares an original lens and perspective-shifting sound that has begun to cause ripples in the indie world.

A wild but oh-so controlled emission of thought and preponderance, sweep in a galactic and theatric vision.

A grander than grand, storm, which grapples with much, while reveling in a new and innovative thrust of sight, sound, and emotive parlance.

The surprise of thomThide’s works, hits you oh so suddenly.

Let it wash over you.

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