Thorn Haze x Rudy Love ‘Stay Here’ : Roots are shown and profoundly highlighted to grandeur.

Thron Haze

A refreshing tall glass of new-ness is finely tuned into ‘Stay Here’. A mix of genres and satisfyingly delivered in the more contemporary isolation of jazz and r&b/soul, the single’s obvious roots are shown and profoundly highlighted to grandeur.

This song is a collaborative effort with legendary songwriter Rudy Love, best known for his work with Ray Charles, Sly Stone, Marvin Gaye, and other legendary soul artists, plus Thorn Haze, a new indie/experimental artist and producer from Kansas.

Thorn Haze is an indie artist, producer and content creator from a small Kansas town. After co-writing music with Rudy Love for the award-winning film ‘This Is Love’ co-starring Mick Fleetwood, George Clinton, Norman Jay MBE, and more, Haze decided to start his own solo career in late 2019.

Rudy Love


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