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“I feel there is alot of disillusionment and apathy around, and doesn’t do us harm to remind ourselves we can make a positive stance, either personally or collectively” opines singer Stephen Barnes. “The sentiment is more about an getting an arm around the shoulder rather than a punch to the gut, and we all need that from time to time.” Stephen continued: ““I think we all intended the Deepdreaming and Stargrazing EPs to be our final sonic chapter, a way to round off our renaissance before retiring gracefully…” Charming chimes of the guitar licks, keep you engaged to the darkly tinged movements of progression, as the kindly shoegaze indie-punk vibe lassos your attention with pop inklings and humming gratitude for the tune. “This was the first track we wrote and recorded in this spell, and it came out so well it was a natural progression to just keep going…We are immensely proud of them, and knew it would take something special for us to venture back into the studio”. Originally formed in 1989, the band released a succession of UK EPs which topped the indie charts in the UK before signing to Polydor Records. After returning in 2015, the band released a double EP DeepDreaming/StarGazing in 2017, and are now in then throes of completing their first full LP in 26 years. Bravo.

Mutant Forest – Hue

Excited by the collision, the atom welcomed the electrons in a home party of enlightenment. The micro world celebrated with the mission that was carried, and completed for the victory. A new world was to become, as the particles of infinity, resumed their duties in rationality and reality. Cut and dry, black and white – it is not the way we live. Our complexity and confusion, never is simple to explain nor to be carried out. The lushness of the world, of this and that dimension, never are fully realized. We whimper in the wake of the waves in matrix, as we follow like lemmings and dive into the subtleties of emotional detriment. Mutant Forest is the duo of Andrew Maeve and Blue. The Brooklyn based artists draw from a wide palette of creative impulses to create a language made up of immersive installation art, music production, and dance. Co-produced and mixed by Dan Konopka from OKGO, ‘Hue’ helps bring out the thoughts of mind that you didn’t know you had. It’s a psychedelic electro-slide in passions, gleaned through the scale of the 6th dimension.

Gray Hawken – Human

“This song is an ode to struggling with your own thoughts and actions, trying not to hurt someone you love. Everyone has there own demons, and sometimes you love someone so much, but the timing isn’t right, and harsh decisions need to be made.” Multi-instrumentalist and prominent Toronto based producer and part of the Locals Only Sound collective, Gray Hawken’s first debut project. Self produced and written, with the help of the famous helios centric helios mixing console, and infamous mastering house Abbey Road Studios, this project came to be. Luxuious in presentation, and silky smooth story telling, can’t help but get you out of the funk that you must be in. ‘Human’ is about us. You. Together living in this world with a lot of things of concern and of self-made prophecies. It’s a circle we just have to keep feeding.

Bootstraps – Whenever You’re Around

Bootstraps is Jordan Beckett, an American musician, singer and songwriter from Portland, Oregon. Under the moniker Bootstraps, Jordan has released two studio albums, Bootstraps and Homage, and one EP, To Each His Own. Jordan grew up in the fertile Portland music scene, spending his teen years going to Elliott Smith, Death Cab For Cutie and Modest Mouse shows. A friend gave him Lucinda Williams’ Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, which influenced his writing style, though it wasn’t until college that he became serious about music. The Pacific Northwest’s rich indie landscape provided the backdrop for Beckett’s first steps into song writing and recording.

Indoor Fins – Here It Goes

First single ‘Here It Goes’, is an epic journey through 70s psychedelic rock combined with French inspired electro pop, all in three and a half minutes. “A few years back my old band, and my relationship at the time, both fell apart within about a month of each other. I was in a rut personally. Then, shortly after all that, someone in my family, very close to me, got seriously ill…I did a bit of soul searching, as there was a lot going on in my head I’d not addressed for a long time and I think it all just collided in one go. In the midst of all that, I did a tonne of writing. I was questioning so much about who I was, that I think I started digging a lot deeper lyrically. These four songs are like little vignettes into where my head was at.” Uplifting and critical song writing about himself is where the songs take a personality of themselves. A part of his existence lives in his single. And from that it glides into your psyche like Flash Gordon’s laser pistol. “This voice in my head was telling me to push through, and I spent all day just trying every possible idea that could make the song work. At some point I turned a corner and it all made sense. It was very much a journey writing it. That’s what I mean by ‘Put me on the road to rhythm and light’, you know? My subconscious was saying ‘pull yourself together, and get on with it.” Let’s listen to this song writing red-headed vibe. It’ll do us good.


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