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Throwaway Shares ‘I Work!’ “Heck. Double Yes!”

It’s that urge you had after the party. It was the urge that you had after working out too much, too quickly. It was the urge that you had after your significant other tried his best with telling you he loved you.

But you didn’t act on the surging urge that you had after those predicaments. For you still had a sense of self and a bond to societal norms back then.

Now you’ve grown up. An adult. Correction. A mature adult.

You can now do anything you want, and you’ll get over it.

Because you are: an independent, self-assured, confident, human being who loves animals and confesses that to total strangers.

You are who you are, and you’re not ashamed. Far from it.

‘I Work’ is this granularly decadent garage/punk-rock thing that THROWAWAY had the ‘urge’ to share.

And heck. We sure are glad they did.

The infectious description for what ails us on a day to day basis, the mayhem and constructed hard-rock ‘metallism’ is profound and curiously fabulous in this chic demonstration of a single.

Guitar rip? Heck yes. Growling vocals? Heck yes. Grating message of the banal, transformed into a fun little rock diddy that just works! Heck double yes.

Kirsten Carey is the mind and soul behind this peculiar project named THROWAWAY. And the now duo team just rips away at the bandaid that was stuck on that wound of yours too long, when you were Netflix and chillin’.

It hurt, but for a good reason.

‘I Work’ is fab and you should deal with it.



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