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Thurman Junior // Terick Lamont // Monty Datta // Yury // xxTvMxx

Thurman Junior – Waterfall

THURMAN JUNIOR’s unique vibe is impressionable through the computer screen, speakers, and mind. The chill and relaxing attitude is a prompt to the best of what you can do to get the opposite sex. We take lessons from Thurman through this single ‘Waterfall’. It’s where we want to get off of the wall at the dance, and be like ‘confident’. You know? We can now, with TJ’s soulful and inquisitive beats. He tells us the truth. Might as well get on the train, for we all have these moments – the urge, the desire. Hot stuff. New EP ‘Fire & Desire’ comes this Spring 2019.

Terick Lamont – This 2 Shall Pass

‘This 2 Shall Pass’ is from TERICK LAMONT. Phoenix, Arizona based and part of the VibeLane collective of artists. What are you going to sacrifice to change what and who you are? Will you sacrifice everything that makes you, you? Will it be wise? In the same tonal tradition of heroes like Diddy and Nas, the rolling words off of the attitude Terick constructs, brings us to a level in describing how the world is like – but pulls us back to a sanity that we should know daily. The clarity and succinct down bass and lessons taught, gives us the good vibes we all deserve. Terick shares the stage with collective mates: Lil Mosey, Bone Thugz, Smokepuurp, Maxo Kream, Devin The Dude, and Larry June.

Monty Datta – Tired All The Time

“When I came to New Jersey, I only knew the alphabet and some basic English words. It was a whole new difficult world and culture to me. I had no idea what life had in store for me. Then I found Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dogg, and Wu Tang Clan on Youtube for the first time – and it blew my mind” says MONTY DATTA. Single ‘Tired All The Time’ is an offering of a culmination from those times of excitement and maturity in his music. Monty’s work is raw but impassioned with hinges of delight and self-doubt. But it’s not about sadness. Instead, his words revel in the future and the possibilities.

Yury – Books (prod. Yury)

“I was drawn to this eerie feedback loop and just decided to sample it on the spot,” stated the rapper with gumption, YURY. He doesn’t give a f*ck. In his music, everything goes, as he mixes heavy dub and house thumping beats, to slow and methodical downbeat attitudes. The Belarus born (but world traveling) producer, ticks away at the thing that need to be done by a step by methodical step of transitions, and offerings of musical idealisms. ‘Books’ is one of those offerings of ‘Yury’s truths’ for what may come over the horizon. The now Brooklyn based artist, does all for music sake. He’s on a mission.

xxTvMxx – I’m not okay

Wordsmiths like xxTvMxx comes around at a very infrequent sequence in life. Unlike that previous sentence, describing the rarity of xxTvMxx, he puts his emotions to the edge of his sleeves, and yells out like he’s at the peak of Mt. Fuji. Softly presented, but underneath its grayish shimmer, xxTvMxx winds up for a home-run of dynamic verses and story telling in ‘I’m Not Okay’. An emotional groan for what growing pains we all can feel, through this life and relational upheavals. The song is powerful, without being caustic. Caustic, without the 3 degree burns. Look out.


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