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TIARYN Shares ‘Just Another Year’. “Seeking The Right Path.”

TIARYN’s ‘Just Another Year’ tells of people like her, like us, becoming a bag of emotions, asking questions of ourselves in what we did or not. Jumbled, confused, angry, regretful – but ultimately seeking a path to what can be ‘fair’ to both sides of the relationship. Her vocals sure does give some goose-bumps on around the :36sec mark. Simple diversion, with the kind of ‘weight’ deserving of such a subject.

“We were never enough. I was cruel to you.”

It’s a personal discussion we all go through in some time or space.

But we need this to be done.

We deserve it for our peace of mind. They deserve it for their peace of mind.

“I loved you. Sorry, it couldn’t work out the way we planned.”

TIARYN has an inflection in her vocal stylings that is interesting to hear and appreciate. And her deep devotion for emotionally backed lyrics and outputs is solidly demonstrated in this single ‘Just Another Year’. The single possesses the introspective reflection, many of us don’t cultivate – leading sometimes to another layer of victimhood.

But not here.

TIARYN confesses of the intolerant things that occurred with this protagonist, with the mindful knack to speak out-loud and to then move on.

On August 17th, don’t miss her EP (‘Let Me Fall’) release party @ The Workers Club (Fitzroy, Victoria).



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