Tiffany Williams x Jonathan Dean ‘If It Wasn’t’ : Deep inside, you’re thankful the moment – even if you just wanted more.

Tiffany Williams

“Jonathan and I started co-writing over 8 years ago,” remembered Williams, telling American Songwriter. “The first song we wrote together was actually a duet as well. It’s always fun to come together and blend our voices and perspectives. But the thing that’s really interesting about our collaborations is our attention to detail, particularly language.”

Delicate and true, offered for ease of consumption when pain seems to be the norm – a song for love and of love, Tiffany Williams and Jonathan Dean dole out a beautiful ensemble of words and hints of nostalgia into this Americana goodness.

“For as exacting as we were with language, the song is really about misunderstanding or miscommunication. The couple in the narrative, each of them feels misled, even duped, and ultimately abandoned. They’re saying the same thing and indicting each other on the same charge but not really hearing each other.”

You’re invested into the emotions of the protagonist’s struggles and untimely indecisions, peppered with the angsts of living in a world that is. An escapism of fantasy and wishes, that takes you away for a slight moment.

Deep inside, you’re thankful the moment – even if you just wanted more.


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