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Tim Caudill Shares ‘Take A Bow’. “Smile. You’re still alive.”

TIM CAUDILL’s ‘Take A Bow’ is classic Folk. It’s what Appalachia music form that lives on strong. And we at CHF have an affinity for such unpolished and raw form of music, from musicians who love the connection it brings to the fans and on-lookers alike. It’s one of the more home-style kind of family music that there is, and we appreciate this, always.

And Tim carries that tradition into the 21st century, exposing this fabulous format to people all over Southern Ohio. His proximity to states like Kentucky and West Virginia makes it ideal and apropos for what Tim can offer.

In his single ‘Take A Bow’ it takes the Appalachian folk dancing style and makes it his own, with the description of what people are – unpredictable, conscious, ungrateful at times.

But his message is to live to the full, for life is ‘better than you think’.

It’s about what you have at the moment.

Smile. You’re still alive – and living the life.



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