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Tim Godwin // PLZ RSPND // Little Triggers // Anima & Ennui // Mano McLaughlin

Tim Godwin – Erase

TIM GODWIN thinks in deep retro-vapor waves. Reflective, and actively conscious in the living that he conducts, he continues that trend into his songs. ‘Erase’ is a perspective that belies the bumps in the road, the souls that crossed, in and out of the places he’d temporarily occupied. “I’ve had a pretty interesting last 10 years. Both life and music have taken me to a of bunch of different places. I’ve met and worked with some really amazing people which I think prompted writing this song. The flip side to this is you get rose coloured glasses. You miss the people, quirks, towns and places you have lived and love (or hated for that matter). All the memories kind of blur, are mostly positive, but you can’t help feeling melancholy about the reality of not being able to be everywhere and keep contact with all the people you love and miss.” Tim is a part of feeling that we all should vibe and get to experience. The small, are appreciated with affection and delicacy.

PLZ RSPND – Sick Sad World

New York City brooding punk/hiphop band PLZ RSPD drives one more nail in the coffin of living life to the baddest. ‘Sick Sad World’ is about why and how we exist. Don’t we ALL think about this notion, ALL of the time? We do, even if you don’t confess. Slow methodical and existential in a sense, the piano ending offering is a dark keyed confessional, relative to the abstract, cemented to realities of the now. Will you sink or swim? You must. You must swim.

Little Triggers – Giving Me Up

Tom Hamilton led LITTLE TRIGGERS is kick-ass. Quick paced, guitar crazy, the driving force is fun with ‘Giving Me Up’. Rock, with the visage of the best traditions and excitement of bands like The Hives and Brit-rock band like Blur, the aesthetically surging songs of LITTLE TRIGGERS keeps the engines warm and ready to rip apart the future. Another taste of what’s being included in the upcoming (later this year) album from the band, ‘Giving Me Up’ is a rock’em out, bash ’em song that never quits to turn you on. The stadium rock brand of display solidifies their claim as one of the more exciting acts to come about in a long while. Hungry for rock out fun? Look no further.

Anima & Ennui- Nothing Better

Joseph Willem Ricci and Talitha Ferri started collaborating in the attempt to create music. A genre non-specific attempt for a different kind of clarity of expression, and more pungent flagrance of such. ANIMA & ENNUI was born and the Copenhagen, Denmark based artists stretch to caress the unknown, previous or otherwise, to bring the glove fit like dexterity in lyrical delivery. Sensibilities of the U.S. and of Denmark, collect a deep sigh of beauty within the walls of their words. And with emboldened swells of moods and colors, cresting and undulating, the harmonies of ‘Nothing Better’ relieves the tired and beckons the new questions for what could be. The duo will be releasing their debut album ‘An & En’ in 2020.

Mano McLaughlin – I Haven’t Changed

Off of their newest album ‘Then Lightning’, the single ‘I Haven’t Changed’ is about, well, not having changed and that it’s okay to be that way. Mano McLaughlin brings timeless pop-rock to the fore, with bedeviling melodies and folk reminiscent stories that depict and depart from the fray. Mixture of the whimsical, tongue in cheek, and deathly serious come to play in Mano’s lyrical yard. And as one bestowed punch is delivered with mild concussions, he relives the victory with even higher mantras of experiences and imagination, baked and seasoned, into his delectable words. That trend just keeps on and continues to entertain. He’s supported by Billy Marsden, Gaz Hadfield, and Tim Thomas.


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