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Tim Guy – Travelling Heart

Tim Guy’s Travelling Heart is a poetic reminder of where one stands, or think he or she stands. Things in this world can be diplomatic, and lost in human translations – effecting thoughts, hearts, and ultimately actions.

Diverting energy to one’s path, mostly urgent, littered with ambiguities – is hesitant with unknowns – guarding against what is true or not.

Use that wave of machete, and cut through the clutter.

Let’s weave a bastardly wicked, sense of it all – filter better, pronounce quicker.

Don’t let the sand divert you from what can stand, or sink.

Amelia was a smart girl, clear and bright with ideas.
Time was of the essence, trivial but heavy.
In the highlight of mindful life, chipped away at the sunshine.
Chapters have turned, lining of regret.
Ideas not taken, not worn in full.

Tim Guy is a veteran and hails from the land of Melbourne Australia. He documents his evolution, he says. And seems, he’s right- when listening to his albums.

We dig that.

Kudos, Tim.

His latest EP ‘At Home with TG (home recordings vol 1)’ dropped January 8, 2018. It is available now.



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