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Tim Mattsing Shares ‘Electricity’. “The Gravity Is Heavy With This One.”

Rolling down the highway of doubt and excitement, we wished we could stop and get some McDonalds. Then we thought to ourselves, we couldn’t stop. We’d be wasting too much time, trying to eat the cheeseburgers we loved so much. The delectable and highly corrosive cheeseburgers from the big franchise. In any case, our bladders were empty, and we didn’t have an additional excuse to stop at a McDonalds. The day was early and the sun was high, and we had a great tune in the car to take care of us.

And that song is TIM MATTSING’s ‘Electricity’.

We clearly forgot, quickly, about the hunger for the burgers, and concentrated directly to this single. We were perplexed at the rhythm and make-up of this odd and quirky little number.

But we were attracted, none the less, for it’s the ‘perfect’ storm of normal combination of riffs, singing, and arrangement – wafting a tinge of Americana and blues.

But wait, listen to the solo. The kick start of the reverb. It’s a quiet but magnificently done solo.

So, shoegazy, but it’s just a foot outside the ordinary.

The gravity is heavy with this one.

Forget the burgers we said to ourselves. We can make it over 200 miles. Let’s do this.

Anywho, dig this single from Mattsing.

Dig it.



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