Tim Wilds ‘Yellow Under Black’ : His dedication to tackle such with gusto, begins with his music.

Tim Wilds

“I’d read that in some parts of Asia, some people would wear a yellow item of clothing under a black item and that this was seen as a sign of humility,” said Tim Wilds. “It led me to think about how important a trait that is and how it helps to be reminded of how small we are in terms of space and time.

A singer-songwriter from Norwich, living in London, the artist debuted single ‘Stalk and Leaf / Yellow Under Black’. With new and fresh perspective from his cognizant soul, the folk tinged pop offering, tells of tales that remarks on our humanity and of our movements forward.

Added Tim: “For my day job I teach primary school children and facilitate Philosophy sessions with them, but I also believe that creating and listening to music is a very worthy way to spend both time and energy.”

Positivity follows Tim Wilds, even in the most pertinently private and lonesome.

His dedication to tackle such with gusto, begins with his music.


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