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TIMECOP1983 (Ft. Jessie Frye) Shares ‘Faded Memory’.

80’s retro infused genres gets our engines going. It’s light. It’s pop. And with the signature synth always present, the memories of past futures, flood our bodies (even if you never experienced the 80’s). And one of those DJ’s that does it very well is TIMECOP1983. He’s been in the game for while and has collaborated with fabulous singer. And this time, Jessie Frye, puts her vocal chords to print on this latest single ‘Faded Memory’.

Retro-wave sub-sub-genre is fabulous. And we dig it lots.

Because we go on road trips, and sometimes you want something that just lifts the angst and stresses off our shoulders. In our case, it surely helps and when we pause by the roadside rest-stops, we are enriched and relaxed. Because when you’re going in for late lunch at a rest-stop, you need to be ‘zen’.

Anywho, the sexy is there.

The reflective ’80’s neon shiny-ness is there.

The 80’s shoulder pads are, still, there.

All for our enjoyment.

Heck yea.



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