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Timid Kooky – Denise

TIMID KOOKY stated: “‘Denise’ was one of those songs, which we came up with while speed boating. It’s our classical combination of speed and fun. With the help of cognitive encoding, storage and retrieval we were capable of extracting twistiest riffs and barbedest licks ever made, and then we changed them so they wouldn’t be so barbed and therefore easy to use manually.” Wha?!? You heard right. They are TIMID KOOKY and they don’t f*ck around with their music. You want fun? You want joy? You want weird concoctions of erroneous notes making love in the air waves? TIMID KOOKY is the one you’re looking for. Also, fyi, they’d been named The Best New Baltic Band in 2017, nominated to become Alternative Band of The Year in 2018 at the Lithuanian music awards M.A.M.A. Never forget. The fun times are with TIMID KOOKY and they are: Tomas Simniškis, Dovydas Subičius, and Martynas Stanevičius. Word.


R&B is understating what OLLIE CHANIN brings to the table with ‘At Home During The Day’. The Brooklyn native is, of course a student of hophop and r&b. But he’s more than that. He’s a realist of what goes on at a viscerally romantic way. Did you listen to the first batch of lyrics?? Yep. It’s real. It’s impactful. And it’s so human. The draw of Ollie is because of the surreally ominous – the ominous search for the reality of life. That part of life that isn’t quite ‘clean’, ‘effervescent’, nor ‘aromatic’. It’s just life as it is. The tine of experimental vibes add another layer of goodness with Ollie’s single. His latest album ‘Rain In My House’ is fab. Check it out.

Richie Quake – Looks Like Paradise

Brooklyn singer/songwriter/producer and DJ RICHIE QUAKE has dropped his new EP ‘Paradise Dreams’ (available now). Single ‘Looks Like Paradise’ is a sequential look at feeling of belonging, being alone, and feelings of inequity and being overwhelmed. The party keeps going, but that niggling feeling of being left out – when you haven’t been. The 80’s vibe is sprinkled just enough to leave traces of glitter in this single as the downtempo vibes work off of the shimmer of the synth and modern indie-pop attributions.

Dance Yourself Clean – Waste My Time

New single, ‘Waste My Time’ (feat. The Fame Riot) by DANCE YOURSELF, CLEAN details the story of an expiring relationship and struggling to come to terms with it. The band stated: “The single is an expression of realizing you can’t be in love with that person forever, while admitting that you would if they let you.. Or even acknowledging that the only way you’ve loved this person for so long was that you were blinded by the power of your human emotions”. It’s never easy to admit things aren’t going the way it should. It’s even harder to admit that you might be a major part of that deprivation. The synth heavy chorus of ‘Wast My Time’ is to die for and as the outfit keeps you in the love-zone for music, there’s just no feeling of letting up or lifting off of the gas. DANCE YOURSELF CLEAN is a joyous pop endeavor, and they’ll keep you wanting more.

Melissa Bel – Cotton Candy

Yep. You can’t deny how fabulously hooky the chorus of MELISSA BEL’s single ‘Cotton Candy’ is. Even if you don’t like saccharine sweet pop songs, and even if all you like is death-metal music, it’s obvious you’ll be under the spell of this melodiously majestic offering. Words just don’t do justice, when you (and us) stutter at the velcro hook of the song, as it defines once more what real love could be from Melissa’s point of view. The effervescently vibrant song is about love and all of its goodness. That first glance at ‘the one’, or the passion that is riled up from within when looking her lips, her eyes. You never known animalistic desire for his aura, his body. Stating about her debut single, Melissa said: ““I’d had the title ‘Cotton Candy’ floating around, then the lyrics to the first verse came to me and I thought, ‘this would be great for someone like Katy Perry.’ It wasn’t until I was jamming one day with the song’s producer, Thomas McKay, and he came up with some chords that I thought, ‘I have the perfect lyrics for this!’ Then I realised I wanted to record the song myself.” This single is ‘dangerous’ – ‘dangerously’ pop and you should try it. Taste the goodness.


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