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Timmy Milner Shares ‘Feeling Human’. “Relevance In Emotion, And Depth.”

We’d reviewed TIMMY MILNER’s single ‘Never Stop Loving You’ and we’d said: “Fresh as in the morning dew. Fresh as that first sweet kiss. Fresh as in the first sun shower in your formative years. The engrossing construction of this single is infectious and as accessible as that memory you go to for encouragement and support when you’re a little down.”

That all in a lump sum, meant that the song was awesome.

Then we come to ‘Feeling Human’. A single that is off of his latest EP ‘Fall Risk’, it continues the journey Timmy set out to partake.

“Listen to the riffs. Listen to his vocals. The conviction of the chorus gives us pause, then confidence of that lost love that we could or shouldn’t have had. It’s that feeling of having loved, and wanting to love again.”

Timmy’s vocals and arrangement attributes reminds us of Alan Parsons’ vocals (probably just us). We’re not talking about his technical side, but the emotive and presentation, set up against his guitars and drums, it evokes that kind of surreal-realism for a story telling exercise.

Too much of a stretch? Well, we are after-all talking about his ‘feels’ that he emanates from his singing.

In any case, dig it.

We sure do.



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