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Timmy Milner Shares ‘Never Stop Loving You’. “Realizing How Beautiful She Is To You.”

TIMMY MILNER’s single ‘Never Stop Loving You’ is fresh. Fresh as in the morning dew. Fresh as that first sweet kiss. Fresh as in the first sun shower in your formative years. The engrossing construction of this single is infectious and as accessible as that memory you go to for encouragement and support when you’re a little down.

Listen to the riffs. Listen to his vocals. The conviction of the chorus gives us pause, then confidence of that lost love that we could or shouldn’t have had. It’s that feeling of having loved, and wanting to love again.

It’s that feeling of wanting to touch her, when you’ve just met.

It’s that feeling of knowing she wants to do the same, when the conversation is just right.

It’s that jaw dropping moment, when you see her as she is, and realizing how beautiful she is to you.

TIMMY MILNER hasn’t had it quite easy. He’s had obstacles put in his way, including being in coma from a serious car accident and being told by doctors that his music career had to be of the past.

But when music is in your soul, it’s hard to stop.

So, here we are, in 2018. And as CHF scours the interwebs for refreshing tunes, it’s a good thing that Timmy had continued on his track of adapting, evolving, and making music the way he thinks it should be.

And we dig that, to the N-th degree.

At the end of the day, the gift is Timmy’s ‘Never Stop Loving You’. A heartfelt song that touches the heart, of that someone special, someone you love – could love.

Kudos, Timmy. Kudos.

We look forward to knowing more of TIMMY MILNER’s music as the months roll by.



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