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TIMOTHY Beautifully Bathes Our Naked Senses With Cinematic Single ‘Pendine’.

Out of Malmö Sweden there was music that was made by TIMOTHY. An understated, and mysterious black box, where rhythms, and harmonies of ghosts past delve into the heart of human needs and wants. As the words from his lips gently draped down the ice cold streams of the land, the sun appeared to strengthen with vigor and confidence in conviction.

The journey had begun.

‘Pendine’ is a beautiful song that depicts a conversation – within this lifetime or within a world of our far future. The crisp addiction of succinct atmosphere is akin to that ‘ice cold stream’ high up in the highlands of the mind. Lonely, and lonesome – beguiled by the sounds of the silence, he weeps. She caresses, with the harmonies of ancients, trying to dry the tears.

But he weeps, still.

The journey had begun. Together.

Hope to find out more about TIMOTHY as the months pass.



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