Timothy Jaromir ‘Ghosts feat. Vania’ : Gather together in a wild and impassioned flight.

Timothy Jaromir

A subtle wind and breeze, whistle past your mind. Timothy Jaromir’s sing’e ‘Ghosts’, vibrates like the future. Featuring Vania, a solace for solace sake, sings into a gentle vibe of acceptance and charm.

“‘Ghosts’ is deliberately simple, with instrumentation that allows for harmonious interplay between the two unique voices. A trombone reinforces the depth of the song’s warmth and charm.”

Off of upcoming album ‘Hiraeth’, ‘Ghosts’ entangle in a lyrical dance of suppositions. “Comfort on dark” and “sleepless nights” gather together in a wild and impassioned flight.

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•GHOSTS• feat. Vania – It‘s a privilege to share my new single with you today! (link in bio) This is a song to bring comfort on dark, sleepless nights, gently push to the side any feelings of self-doubt, and to coax arms to uncross and reach out for a long-missed hug. This song is part of my new album, „Hiraeth“ that comes out on Nov 6 🎉 I am very grateful to all kind souls involved in this track! @giuli000 – production, mixing and keys, Michael Flury: trombone, @dgbax acoustic guitar, @bravakilo double bass, @visforvania vocals, @dansuter_echochamber mastering, @therykka who recorded my vocals and her support, @theunofficialfakeraylee cover picture, @elizabethawhite model @digital_wolves @spotify promo, @gregzeder @littlejigrec promo @heleneady cover art work . . . . . . . #newsong #music #newsingle #spotify #newrelease #singer #applemusic #single #songwriter #folk #folkpop #itunes #artist #newmusicalert #musicians #instamusic #outnow #indie #apotifyplaylist #timothyjaromir #vania #raylee #elisabethwhite #mx3 #swissmusic #ukartist

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