Timothy Robert Graham ‘In The Morning’ : It’ll be another morning, again. What’s next on your agenda?

Timothy Robert Graham

Following up on his full album ‘Speak’, Timothy Robert Graham’s indubitably reticent but exhaling vibes drizzle like a champ in single ‘In The Morning’.

“My new single, ‘In The Morning’, is a collection of memories from high school parties I attended even though I wasn’t actually invited. One of my favorites is when someone came into the house carrying a stop sign. It seemed like a giant metaphor to slow down. The stop sign was thrown off the balcony into the backyard to triumphant cheers.”

The indie-pop innocence speaks with delight, as the frame of new-wave pop of the 80’s order, casts that shimmering goodness that Timothy’s ranging vocals and good-natured chords provide. A scintillating aroma of flowering words and promises, makes you look at your own particular life, in a different and more beautiful light.

Added Timothy: “The chorus of, In The Morning is about the moment you surrender to the adventure in front of you instead of letting anxiety or fear get the best of you. It’s about experiencing life and relationships even though it can involve some level of risk.”

It’s banger, with no guilt and plenty of smiles to go with.

It’ll be another morning, again. What’s next on your agenda?

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🌝In The Morning🌞my new single is out! The song is about all the house parties I crashed in high school, and choosing adventure over control. The vibe is Motown meets modern pop. :: “Fun and introspective psych-pop-rock tracks that recall ’90s Britpop and place Graham on the same plane as modern heavyweights like Portugal. The Man. and Spoon.” -Jack Anderson, KUTX 98.9 Austin, TX :: Hop on over to my Spotify playlist (tap the link!🔗) to hear the single and a bunch of the music that inspired the track. Don’t forget to follow my page if you want to get a notifications of shows and new releases! :: 🌹Portland at The Liquor Store on 2.27 🍀Spokane at Lucky You on 5.5 🌧Seattle at Barboza on 6.11 :: Pic by the talented @benblood

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🙏🏻 Gratitude post 🙏🏻 :: In the last week I drove over 1,000 miles, met new friends, saw ol pals, played 5 shows in three bands and filled up my heart with inspiration. Thank you for supporting me! My spirits are lifted by the Artists, collaborators, community, and hosts who make shows and travel possible. So much love to you all! :: Second photo is a poster for a songwriter showcase I’m hosting in seattle at the lovely house of my dear friends @abstract_numbers & @seabirrd. DM for address and venmo @trgmusic for tickets. 20 left! :: Cc @caragoldmusic, @mindparade0, @theliquorstorepdx, @thewaypost, @weareallcharliekind, @fredhasinsta, @thesunsettavern, @julianblair_, @touchclubmusic, @luckyyoulounge, @balonely_official, @runawayoctopusband, @hcherri, @davidcovillo, @kaley_di_silva, @corygraham_, @guitarchuk, Aaron, @alexcolemandrums :: Photo by @hcherri

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