Timothy ‘The Angel the World Lost’ : Inquiries we’d always revealed – of ourselves – of our insignificance in context.


Shot like a jolt of lightning. Unescapable and malignantly shivering. Timothy’s dedication for a loved one, whom, he believes will be one with the universe and will always be with his side.

“The 9th of December 10 years ago marks the day that my Grandmother sadly passed away,” said Timothy. “This is a song honoring my grandmother & “My childhood queen”.”

Warmth, injected with the intelligible longing and affection that Timothy’s vocals impinge, become one with our mirrored souls for our own sadness and missing parts of our hearts.

Missing the one we love. Loved. And for the one who made us who we’d become.

Based in Malmö Sweden, an indelible style of raw and understated power comes to fruition in ‘The Angel the World Lost’. An intimidating honesty, vexed by questions and inquiries we’d always revealed – of ourselves – of our insignificance in context.

As the words from his lips gently draped down the ice cold streams of the land, the sun appeared to strengthen with vigor and confidence in conviction.


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