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Tin Foil Astronaut // The Masterminds // Deanna Petcoff // Color Palette // The Shell Collector

Tin Foil Astronaut – Too Slow

TIN FOIL ASTRONAUT is a band from Kent UK, and with ‘Too Slow’, their musical makinations, preserve all that is good with pop mixing with indie. The rolling hills of their groove, and the airy atmosphere of the vocals, helps to ease the day’s harshness. The tinge of jazz is a part of the welcomed side-effect of such pop offerings. ‘Too Slow’ brings the right traditions together with uplifting vibe which can be called, perfection. TIN FOIL ASTRONAUT is power-shoegaze, at its finest.

The Masterminds – The Silent Treatment

New Jersey based pop-rock band, THE MASTERMINDS, is that conversation you have in your head. You’re adament that she’s into you. But part of you is convinced that she never loved you the way you wanted her to. But then she shows that kindhearted affection that you desire each day. You explode. At this point you forget what you were thinking about. Oh well. The madness of THE MASTERMINDS is what’s diggable, where the odd vocal focus fits perfectly within this square window. Word.

Deanna Petcoff – Stress

We take big solace in the voice of DEANNA PETCOFF. Her voice can ‘fix’ everything for us, in our humble opinion. It’s direct, no bull-shit, and shows strength with conviction to the art that she produces. You ‘fall in love’ with it, if you’re not too careful. But then you listen to it with her single ‘Stress’. The warmth and layers of her voice is what it’s ALL ABOUT. No apologies if you DO ‘fall in love’ with her voice. It’s okay. We sure did, and look where it got us! Deanna’s offerings are a view into the private bank vaults in our lives, and we can easily relate. And ultimately that relation, gets us going forward. Hope is Deanna’s voice. “‘Stress’ is about frustration, loss of hope and acceptance of a situation that will never be fixed,” Deanna commented. “The unbearable weight of not feeling good enough for the person you want and thinking they might want you too but can’t follow through with their flirtatious actions is a common feeling, and I wanted to encapsulate the frustration that comes with.”

Color Palette – Dark Days

Washington DC’s own, COLOR PALETTE’s new single ‘Dark Days’ is “a dystopian, pulsating political commentary”, as they put it. It calculates out mathematical waves of sonic hack-saws with electrified percussions and fuzz drenched guitar. The vocals juxtapose with soft colors of hubris, masking for the benefit of the final reveal. The profoundly more significant meaning is hidden and it’s quite the trip to find out what they are. Only in parts the morsels are shown. What a tease. Their 2nd full length album is due in 2019.

The Shell Collector – Don’t Bother Me

‘Awesomeness’? Yea. Maybe that’s the word we feel like using to describe this fantastic hard-rock tour-de-force. Reminiscent of all the goodness in the righteous productions of such bands as TOOL, the driving and grinding single ‘Don’t Bother Me’ by THE SHELL COLLECTOR, just simply tears us apart. Head to the bridge and you just don’t know what just happened. The change of timing and narrative turns on the sea-sickness (of the good kind), and renders you heaving and hawing at the nuance. Enrico Tiberi, Gianluca Gulino, and Kay Ketting are working hard for a new EP, scheduled for drop in Spring of 2019.


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