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Ting Tang Tina to debut their first LP, ‘Love is Trippy’.

Ting Tang Tina’s ‘Love Is Trippy’ is a gloopy, shloopy, dream-bedroom-guitar-indie-rock surf and turf of a dining experience. The LP demonstrates their rawest in form. And the rawness is certainly delicious, with some tanginess for added texture.

This video of the band recording ‘Yellow And Blue’ off of the upcoming album.

Influenced by contemporary groups like Aquadolls, Best Coast and Radiohead, this young band has already fleshed out a stunningly mature and focused sound. Members Ruby Lewis (guitar and vocals), Aidan Bumgardener (drums), Claire Marcho (bass) and Dillon Wilkins (guitar) crafted the seven often jangly and occasionally swelling indie pop tracks that comprise Love Is Trippy to run the gambit; At times evoking similarities to the fluid, complexity of Fruit That Ate Itself era Modest Mouse, (see “Love Us, Robert”) and at other times almost even slightly reminiscent of a more melodic, pop punk sound ala Blink 182’s Chesire Cat, like on opening track “Yellow and Blue”.

Forming in late 2016, Ting Tang Tina has gained a lot of momentum in just a couple short years. After opening for acts like UME and festivals such as Dia De Los Toadies, this Panther City quartet bunkered down at Cloudland Recording Studio in November of 2017 with engineers Robby and Jen Rux to track Love is Trippy and now the album is set to release March 3rd with Dreamy Life Records on cassette and digital formats. The event will be punctuated by a release show at Lola’s Saloon including support from labelmate Steve Gnash and Brooklyn based post-bunkers Schlomi Bagdadi.

Kudos gang.

TTT is rep’ed by the folks at Dreamy Life Records, working hard out of Fort Worth, TX.

Order the new album, [HERE]



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