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Tiny Dolphin Shares ‘Calm For Color’. “The song culminates and seduces you to the last drop.”

Rapturous synth cements the performance of this single by TINY DOLPHIN. In ‘Calm For Color’ the warmth and depth is demonstrated solidly by the Austin, Texas based multi-instrumental artist.

The unassuming singer/songwriter decadently shrouds his words in multiple meanings, from delight to angst, and from relevance of self to the outer limits. With proponents of solitude and loneliness, edging the crests of the horizons, his single ‘Calm For Color’ douses the senses in mystical hymns and undaunted patronage to that corner of our minds.

With the bass drum properly framing the thrust of the vibe, the first verse – chock full of story and vexing weight – drags you in delicate assortments in pestilence for the world that the protagonist has come to dread. But he loves what it’s become. What he’s become within this warning of shades.

Combination of psyche elements, pop-rock and new-wave proponents, the song culminates and seduces you to the last drop with the rapturous synth that we had mentioned.

A ceremony of accomplishments, this song takes TINY DOLPHIN (Alex Fisher) to a whole new level of complexity, construction, and craft.



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