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Tiny Fighter // Rainy Day Fund // Noisemill // ELVIN // The Window In Floyd

Tiny Fighter – Want Friends

Therese Karlsson and Tim Spelman makes up the project named TINY FIGHTER. They successfully mix many genres, turning the results into something very TF. We’d seen that in their previous single we reviewed ‘Hollow Talk’. In this video for ‘Want Friends’, they take a more pop approach to the framing of the song. However, the lyrics are as complex and emotive as they’ve always been. The duo are certainly artists, and it’s always a pleasure listening to their sonic escapades.

Rainy Day Fund – Gold

RAINY DAY FUN consists of Harry Leigh, James Rowland, Nick Tucker and Charlie Skeates. They bring ‘Gold’ to the fore, and the upbeat / optimistic musical offering, shares its flare for mixing new-wave and pop predicaments. “It was born early this year, when myself and a close friend found ourselves in similar situations with our relationships ending,” said Harry Leigh. “This song is about my perspective on his situation at that time, and a reminder that both of us should always aim for the best and not settle for less than we deserve.”

Noisemill – Blankets

NOISEMILL brings enlightenment to rock filled singles, always interestingly framed with synth and delights. The Danish trio of brothers Morten Sandager and Mikkel Sandager and life-long friend Michael Opstrup do their thing on their singles. Mikkel’s vocals alway striving and diving in and out of 80’s hair band sensibilities, contrasts fabulously with their song construction philosophies. Not fully operatic, not fully hard-rock. But the good thing is that they make kick but tunes. Word.

ELVIN – Sweet Sensations

‘Sweet Sensations’ is off of the upcoming concept EP ‘The Garden’. ELVIN is Laura Elvin, and she’s dynamic, liquid, submersive, all encompassing in her art. She is art. You fall in love with her bending but forged vocals, which gives you the confidence of her musical gaze – her affection, her sonic access. In hand, your life is better complete with Elvin’s declarations of fascination, and outlooks. Feel your heart fill with warmth. Let’s love. ‘Sweet Sensations’ is a moment – your moment.

The Window In Floyd – Violets

Melbourne indie band, THE WINDOW IN FLOYD, is not only fabulous because of their name including the word ‘floyd’, but they are independently fabulous because of their methods in building classic feeling guitar riff centered rock extravaganzas. Sprinkle in fragrances of shimmering synth and vocals, you have a single like ‘Violets’. “Our songs revolve around themes or hope, innocence, love and loss. We love angular guitar oriented music, but have a desire to colour our sound with electronic textures, synthesisers and dance-inspired beats.” The band is psyched to release their debut EP in January of 2019.


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