Tiny Fighter Shares Video For ‘Hollow Talk’. Try It Again. It’s Worth It.

The space and time traveled through this wonderful ‘epic’ of a single from Tiny Fighters is something to witness and experience. Listen to the lyrics, and the instrumental arrangements, is cinematic at its least and dynamically emotive at its culminating apex.

We think the best to do is listening to the song without the video. It’s ample and strong enough to communicate competently, the angst, the confusion, and the darkness in a time and place of a person, a soul, a scenario (although the video is a very good amenity; tries its best to catch up to the essence of the song itself).

The video was debuted several weeks ago, but if you’re into something like this, the bridge of the song is where the ‘welling up’ of the protagonist’s emotions overflow. It is done fabulously, and connects very well to the ears.

It’s delicious.



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