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To Adelaide Shares ‘Sorry For Your Loss’. “Poets bashing your musical heart with tart.”

Returning with a fast (expected) and furious (totally expected) single ‘Sorry For Your Loss’ by Tilburg (the Netherlands) punk rock band TO ADELAIDE, is a continuation of the trip you had taken from their last EP from 2018 ‘Until I Drive You Out’.

You thought you got off of that bus ride, after the last stop, but with a jump cut in life, you had another spare bus-pass and you got on to a transfer.


Because subconsciously you want to be hit with waves of unadulterated and writhing vigil of sound, dipped in macaroni tartness and belly fulfilling nausea.

TO ADELAIDE is all of that – from bus ride, to jump cuts, to transfers, to macaroni tart.

Wall of sound, sometimes shimmer in emo / shoe-gaze / post-punk, has you got in the palm of their virtual hands.

“Yum. The macaroni salad tartness is delish.”

Gut punched, you wake up with each and every song of TO ADELAIDE. Every song has a jerk of energy that inherently and excitedly bring an automatic smile to you face – and dancing career.

Jump you fool. Dance.

‘Sorry For Your Loss’, the band stated is: “A rendition of the very first track songwriter Luc Jeuken wrote for the band years ago and deals with the uselessness of modern life.

Wessel, Mex, Luc, and Edward are the poets on this dang fab band.

Make them yours too.



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