To Hell With Tradition ‘Shipwreck’ : His self-titled LP is a journey of epic personal proportions.

To Hell With Tradition

There are those straightforward stories, where the plot progresses in an indisputably logical chain of events towards a prematurely quite obvious ending – there is exactly one goal, and there is exactly one path to reach it. Well, the story behind To Hell With Tradition is not one of them.

On To Hell With Tradition: “I process my failed marriage and the awareness of having falsely accepted and adopted external goals as my own. The result is an indie rock record that uses elements from pop, folk and blues, partially ignores conventional song structures, plays with rhythmic patterns, tempo and instrumentation whilst wrapping all that in bittersweet tunes. This might just be the aural equivalent of dark chocolate and rich, dry red wine.”

Achim Hofmeyer folds emotions in delicate shifts of notes and lyrical attributions. A conjoined effort for death, life, living, and the possibilities of an expansive horizon. A beautifully decadent offering of a new kind of wail.

His self-titled LP is a journey of epic personal proportions.


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